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3-Day Fat Burn & Appetite Reset

Make Your Stomach like the Gas Tank on Your Car...

When the Tank is Full ,

You Must Stop Eating

And Burn Off POUNDS of Fat at the Same Time

There's something about your car that would be wonderful if added to your body: when your car gets all the fuel it needs, then you cannot put any more in the tank.

When the tank is full, more gas added will just spill on the ground.

Now think about your body...

Somehow the hunger mechanism gets out of whack. You can be sitting there, wanting to lose 10 to 100 pounds (it really does not matter, this works the same in both cases) and you can look at your body and know that you do not need to continue eating.

Then comes the trick...

You continue to eat, even after you know you've had enough (if you think you're not eating too much, I have a secret to share with you--just keep reading)

You may even feel you must eat more food or you will be dizzy or irritable. And, with the other part of your brain, the reasoning part that knows you are over weight, you know you are being tricked.

You really do not need to eat more. But, your body tricks you and you feel hungry and keep putting more food in.

The Butcher's Way to Solve the Problem

Now, here's how the butchers solve the problem (and how we can learn from this strategy to lose 3 to 100 pounds): They put you to sleep and staple your stomach together so that you fill up after only a few bites of food (gastric bypass surgery).

Here's the problems with this plan:

  • In the best universities, 1 in 100 up to 2 in 100 will die in the hospital after having this surgery. The fact is that these statistics are not always as good in the community hospitals. But, even if every surgeon were as skilled as the best, still, imagine if a family practitioner had an office where 1 in 100 of her patients died at the office and she had to call the family to come get the body. Completely unacceptable. We would expect the doctor to lose her license. Yet, this is exactly the statistic that is tolerated by the powers that be. Why? Because stapling stomachs is HUGE business for the hospitals who are struggling to stay open with the current reimbursement plan in this country. And guess what? For the insurance carrier with someone insured who is 100 pounds over weight, it's easier on their budget if you just go ahead and die than if they are required to pay for your by-pass surgery and take care of you in the hospital for a month after you have the stroke (plus buy your hypertension and diabetes drugs for the next 20 years).
  • Sound exaggerated? Maybe. But, by law, corporations are required to try and make a profit for the shareholders. That's the number one reason why having insurance companies decide what procedures should be paid for is like the tail wagging the dog and it's why they pay for this procedure--if you die from this surgery you save them money! I'm NOT saying someone wants you dead; I am saying that this procedure does not hurt, but instead helps thier profits (while, for example if you lose weight taking growth hormone then you will cost the complany many thousands of dollars over the rest of your lifetime--so growth hormone replacement is seldom approved).
  • Gastric bypass has not been compared head-to-head with aggressive medical therapy in any good study and won-never, ever.
  • Over half of the people who have gastric by-pass surgery regain over half the weight lost by the fourth year after the surgery.
  • And, the suicide rate (after gastric bypass) doubles because these people feel hopeless when they regain their weight and they are often miserable and sick from the side effects of the surgery.

Yes, I know some people have wonderful results with this operation. Still, would you go to a family practitioner who you knew that more than half of his patients were not significantly helped and one in one hundred died?

Yet, because it's surgery, we hold the gastric-bypass surgeons to a lesser standard than you would hold your family practitioner.


So, because some get lucky and are helped does not make this a safe option.

But, the strategy is sound--the surgery is simply too risky and not that effective. The more important question is what can we learn from this strategy that will help you lose 3 to 100 pounds and reset your hunger mechanism so that you quit eating when your tank is full?

How to do Gastric Bypass on Your Own Body

First, it helps to think about what makes you feel hungry. It's a complicated process that still is not fully understood, but I'm going to tell you some of the factors involved so that you can understand how the 3-Day Fat Burn works to reset your hunger mechanism while you are melting fat away.

  1. There are stretch receptors in the stomach that make you feel full and lose your appetite when your stomach is full. What if you could make those receptors kick in sooner?
  2. There are hormones released when you exercise that kill the appetite. Some exercises are more effective at causing this release and prolonging the drop in appetite.
  3. There is a metabolic change in the hunger mechanism when you swap to burning fat instead of the glycogen stored in your liver after going about 16 hours without eating. At first you have a huge bump up in hunger while making the swap (this is where you want to binge). Then the hunger drops and you do not want to eat at all (this is the feeling that you have after you fast for more than a day).
  4. When the sympathetic nervous system kicks in (the part that makes you want to run and your heart rate go up when you are afraid) then your appetite goes down. This is how caffeine and phentermine kill your appetite.

If we could turn on all of these hunger-suppressing machines at the same time, then you would feel full after only a few bites and it would be like you did gastric bypass surgery on your own body.

The Temple Repairman's Fix

So, what if instead of just taking a simple approach and stapling the stomach to make it smaller, what if we took what's know about the metabolic changes that take place with weight loss and with the body's own appetite control system and reset the BRAIN to feel full when you've had all the calories you need?

That's exactly what I did by devising a rotating eating plan that changes every day over a 3-Day period. Here's the most important part: as your body's metabolism and brain changes with less calories, the eating plan changes. This allows me to help you keep your appetite controlled even though the calories you take in will be very low.

The fat will melt away but you will not have severe hunger. And more importantly, after 3 days, when you go back to eating "normally," you will not be the same. What and how much you want to eat will be more healthy and better controlled.

"But, I'm Already Not Eating Very Much"

If you do not feel like you're eating too many calories, then I promised to tell you a secret. Here it is:

It is true that many people are puzzled because they are gaining weight and just can't figure out why because it feels like they never over eat.

I've treated thousands of people for obesity and helped many gain extreme fitness over the past 30 years and I know for many people this is a real mystery. The problem is that even on occasional extra splurge can make a huge difference.

If just once a week, you eat an extra 770 calories (about what's in a muffin at Starbucks), that's enough gain and maintain 10 pounds (10 POUNDS FOR A ONCE A WEEK MINOR SPLURGE WITH ALL THE REST OF THE WEEK PERFECT).

WANT TO SEE THE MATH (SKIP THIS PART IF YOU DON'T LIKE MATH)? (It takes 11 calories per pound per day to maintain your weight, so simply adding an average of an extra 110 calories per day gives you a 10 pound weight gain. A once a week splurge feast of 3,000 calories would be enough to keep you 30 pounds over weight even if the rest of the week was perfect).

The hard fact is that it's impossible to watch calories closely enough to maintain your best weight over the long haul. Studies have shown that even very well trained nutritionists over estimate the exercise they get and underestimate calories eaten. Everyone eats a few extra calories occasionally but few realize how this changes average caloric intake and can make a dramatic change in weight.

The solution is not to have the perfect diet every day (because that is fatiguing and impossible). At 50 years old, after treating thousands of people as a physician (and personal trainer in my youth), I've found the solution is to plan some low calorie days to compensate for the occasional higher calorie days.

Using the 3-Day Fat Burn once a month, I've been able to stay trim at 50 and teach my patients how to do the same thing.


Charles Runels, MD

Not Mr. Universe, Just a 50-year-old Doctor Who Understands Weight Control and Health

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The Down Sides to the 3-Day Fat Burn

  • You will possibly have 3 to 4 hours of hunger on the first day of the 3-Day Fat Burn. After that, you can eat whenever you want as much as you want.
  • The most that you will probably lose is about 3 pounds per day (you may lose less). If you need to lose 100 pounds, then you will need to repeat the process once or twice a week. Most of my patients need 5 to 6 months to lose 100 pounds.
  • If you do not follow the instructions in the plan, then on the 4th day, when you break the fast, then you will not feel well. But, coming off the 3-day plan is easy, just follow the instructions.
  • You will have times when you feel hungry. But, sometimes you feel hungry when you're on vacation eating everything you want. The difference is that when you are on some diets, and you feel hungry, you're asked to walk around hungry. On this plan you can eat all you want when you feel hunger, eat until the hunger goes away. The good news is that with the appetite reset that we do, you will have less hunger on this diet than you do in a normal day not dieting at all.
  • Your energy and libido may fall during day one and occasionally on days two and three. But, the fourth and fifth days, when you come off the diet, you will enjoy more energy and sex drive than you may have felt in many years. The metabolic changes that happen to reset the appetite also skyrocket your energy and sex drive.

The Advantages of the 3-Day Fat Burn

  • No expensive supplements or meal replacements to buy. You can buy everything you need at your grocery store.
  • Combines some of the ancient fasting techniques of the spiritual teachers with the most modern ideas in nutrition and exercise physiology for a 3-day designer plan that rocks your emotional and physical world into a new level of well being.
  • Leaves you feeling energized.
  • Gives you clarity of thought both during the process and afterwards.
  • You will maintain or increase strength. You can even gain muscle mass while becoming leaner if that is your goal.
  • Lowers your blood pressure and makes your heart healthier.
  • Lowers your cholesterol. Proven. An article in the New England Journal in 2009 proved that what you do on day 2 is THE best method do lower cholesterol.
  • That same New England Journal article showed that day 2 is THE best nutritional way to lower blood sugar.
  • You get the rapid weight loss of low carb combined with the pleasure of eating fruits and vegetables (any fruit except for dried fruits which are too high in sugar for this plan).
  • Will improve your digestion and help constipation.
  • Boosts grwoth hormone levels and charges up the immune system.

The Challenge I Dare You to Take

Using this plan I have been able to stay fit while working more than full time as a physician and being the single father and primary care-taker of 3 sons. I know it works for me. Using this plan, I've seen thousands of patients and friends find better health. Using portions of this plan, the thinkers of the ages have coached people literally into superior health and enlightenment.

This plan works.

I challenge you to do the plan for 3-days. If you do not find that you have a different way of thinking about food and about your health and find a new level of awareness AND LOSE WEIGHT, then I'll give you every penny back.

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Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD

The Temple Repairman™

P.S. This diet will teach you the principles applied in this research in the New England Journal of Medicine concerning the proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrates so that you automatically understand by doing (rather than by reading).

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