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Law of Health

10 Essential Steps to Glorious Health & Miraculous Healing


If you want to find the laws of driving, you go to the court house or read a sign.

If you want to know the spiritual laws, the you read the scriptures.

But, if you want to find the unchangeable laws of health, if you want to know what rules of health have always been and will always be, where do you go?

Much of what I learned in medical school is obsolete and wrong. Much of what is being taught in medical school now will be shown to be wrong.

10 years ago, I was shown the Law of Health. I keep thinking that maybe I'm being grandiose. I thought maybe there's no real need for these laws. I thought that I could never present them in a way that is worthy of their truth.

Finally, I'm admitting my fear: I just cannot write or present these laws in a way worthy of their value. But, i'm just going to put them out there anyway. I will let truth make up for delivery.

After subscribing to the Law of Health, you will immediately be taken to a place to download the first lesson on the first law (as a pdf file).

Study the law. Study it TODAY! Then do some of the actions suggested (to have a better life requires doing-not just knowing).

Law of Health: 10 Essential Steps to Glorious Health & Miraculous Healing

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Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD (The Temple Repairman)

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