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Highway to Health

June 1999 News letter

    How would you like to improve your life by just changing 2 meals per week?  I won't promise you it will cure cancer or cause you to see the face of God,  but if you pay attention and just change 2 meals per week the way I suggest you can accomplish all of the following:

    1.  Increase your peace of mind.

    2.  Normalize your weight.

    3.  Increase your energy level.

    4.  Learn to enjoy taste and smells more than ever.

    5.  Increase your sexual libido.

    6.  Pray more effectively.

    7.  And possibly live longer.

     Can you really accomplish all of this by just changing 2 meals per week? 


    Did you realize that if you just skip 2 meals per week you can fast for 24 hours every week?  Have you tried fasting yet, seriously tried it, to see how it can change your life? 

    If you make Saturday supper your last meal until Sunday supper (you only skip Sunday breakfast and lunch) you can fast for 24 hours every week.  Try this 4 weeks consecutively and your prayer life will never be the same.

    To truly understand the power of fasting takes a book to explain.  But, you will not know fasting by reading.  You will only know it by practicing it.  I do, however, recommend a guide to keep you motivated and to help you fast intelligently and safely. 

    The Miracle of Fasting is the best book I have found on the subject. It was written by Paul Bragg, the fellow who inspired Jack LaLanne.  The medical community is finally wising up to aerobic exercise.  It's hard to believe that just 18 years ago, when I was interviewing for medical school,  there was still much debate about whether aerobic exercise was beneficial or detrimental.  Don't wait for the medical community to prove the benefits of a practice that has been promoted by many wise men (including Christ Jesus).



The most significant findings published this month in the area of preventive and superior health was report in the British Medical Journal that again shows the benefits of breast feeding.  They showed only 0.8% of the infants who are breast fed develop childhood obesity (much less than the nonbreast fed children).  Just another of a multitude of reports that show what a gift it is to a child to have a mother who can and will breast feed the baby.


Check out for a good source of  a sugar free protein source and for other tools to help follow the Zone diet explained by Dr. Sears in his book by the same name.  The book The Zone by Barry Sears is the best diet plan I've seen come out in a book.  Sears is the only person to ever have 3 books on the New York Times Best Seller list at the same's for a good reason... his plan works. 

One other book I recommend this month:  How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci.  Most people don't realize what a physical specimen da Vinci was.  Contemporaries reported that he could bend a horseshoe with his bare hands and could halt a galloping horse by grabbing it's reins from the ground.  He was vegetarian and of course a genius (but no wimpy unhealthy person was he).  This book will inspire your soul as well as encourage your physical pursuits.

Don't forget the greatest book of the all...  The Holy Bible.  The true highway to health is the high way to health.

God Bless You,

Charles E. runels Jr., MD

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