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Total Surrender Orgasm with Female Ejaculation

In Search of the Level 9 Orgasm

I remember the first time I kissed a girl.

Her name was Paula and she was from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We wound up at the same summer camp. I remember how amazing it felt to just hold her hand and walk through the forest (we were in the mountains of Tennessee). Just to see her swim in the creek and then to touch her wet skin brought the most delightful sensations.

Still, when a woman touches me, there can be that same delight. The point is that even though I'm going to tell you how to bring a woman to the most intense level of orgasm (which the Chinese Tao called level 9), I want to make sure that you know that every form of love and affection can be powerful and wonderful (even more so when there is a spiritual and emotional bond). Just a phone call with a woman with whom I am in love can be much more erotic (even a phone all about a usually not-erotic toic) than actually have sexual intercourse with someone with whom there is no connection.

So, being the most intense physical orgasm does not make it the best or the thing that must happen to make a sexual encounter worth while. There are those who have wonderful marriages--long lasting marriages--where the woman NEVER has an orgasm (more on this later).

When Paula and I walked through the forest 38 years ago (when was 13 years old), I'm not sure that I even knew what an orgasm was. Then (1973), I had never seen an R rated movie. There was no internet. I had a black and white TV with 3 channels taht went off the air late at night. But, Paula and I enjoyed a magical time in the forest and akward but sweet warm soft kisses by a stream of water as cold as ice.

So, there is much more to life than level 9 orgasms with female ejaculation.

Still, there can be a complete surrender with a level 9 orgasm that can go spiritually and physically beyond what most people ever know.

The first time I was exposed to female ejaculation (not the same as level 9 orgasm), I was a first year medical student. We had a short course on human sexuality and the instructor showed a movie of a woman ejaculating to emphasize his teaching that it was a real phenomenon. I didn't think much more about it and never even thought of whether my girlfriend was able or if I should explore this with her.

Then, years later, I had a girlfriend who (after we became very close and had been dating for months) said to me--"I want to show you something. Watch this."

Then she proceeded to masterbate and ejaculated several feet past the end of the bed.

Wow! But, I still didn't really get it. Thought it interesting but saw no real reason to explore the phenomenon with her and I never saw her ejaculate again.

Then, one day, years later, with another lover, I was exploring the sexual sensations of my love's vagina to a variety of oral techniques and noticed a change in the contour of her vagina that I had never before noticed in any woman. I just took note and continued to explore and learn from her.

To me, every lover is not just a new person but a new adventure, a new magical place to explore. No person responds exactly like any other and not even the same on one day compared with every day before. So, just as when I play the piano, I must listen to the music I'm making and make adjustments to make the music evolve in an artful and beautiful way--in the same way, every lover must be studied both on a day to day basis and even on a minute to minute basis to find the exact pitch and harmony that means satisfaction and art instead of rote mechanics and routine.

Do I hit an occasional wrong note on the piano and on my lover? Of course. But, by listening carefully to the music and by learning how to bring the most beautiful music from my intrument (my lover's body), by knowing my lover's body better than any has ever known it before and better than anyone will ever know it (including the woman herself), eventually a symphony of pleasure erupts that becomes close to worship and connection with GOD.

As for pleasure, who has more pleasure the piano or the pianist? The answer--it does not matter! It's about creation and art and finding the soul in a day and espceially in that secret moment between a man and woman.

Anyway, back to that particular day. I was exploring this woman (I'll call her Alice) when I noticed a particular change in the contour of her vagina that was new to me (not just the typical shortening and tightenting that usually occurs with excitation). I remember thinking, "That's interesting." I thought that after a few thousand patients and way too many lovers, I know everything a vagina could do.

Then, a few minutes later, Alice erupted in the most amazing orgasm including ejaculation of what seemed like a quart of fluid. Afterward, the woman (my lover) was exhausted in a surrendered sort of way to the point that she literally could not even sit up (nor did she even want to sit up or even lift a finger from the bed). All this after nearly passing out a couple of times and telling me that hands and face were going numb.

Emotionally, after a few quiet moments, she opened up to me like she had never opened up. She became willing to be very vulnerable to me and developed a deep love for me that continues to this day (even though unchangeable events will likely never allow us to be together again).

I thought deeply about what happened and decided to take more seriously this idea of female ejaculation. Alice had never ejaculated before (was more surprised than I about what had happened). Actually, she had much difficulty even having an orgasm with sexual intercourse until after this happened. Afterwards, her orgasms become more powerful during sexual intercourse and she became emotinally a different person when with me--developing a very deep and surrendered love for me.

Since then, she and I (for reasons unrelated to our own relationship) were not able to create a lasting bond. She has moved on and is married to another man. But, I took what I learned from her and became an even more serious student of the female orgasm, of ejaculation, and of how these relate to the emotions of a woman.

It took me months before the first woman showed me that she could ejuculate. It took me months before I accidentally discovered the ejaculation and total surrendered orgasm (TSO) of Alice. But (not totally in the interest of science) I decided that I would explore some of the same ideas and observations and see how the physical and emotional experiences of other women were effected using the some of the same principles that used with Alice.

The results were shocking. At first it would take me several weeks to help a woman reach TSO and ejaculation. Eventually, I got to where with most women I could get them to TSO and ejaculation on the first encounter (more about what TSO looks like in a minute).

I've not wanted to talk much about TSO for several reasons:

1. Because the woman becomes so emotionally attached to the man who provides this, I was afraid it would be used for wrong reasons. Women really do become like little ducklings--falling in love with the face that they see when TSO is provided.

2. I was somewhat embarassed by the number of lovers I've had in order to develop these ideas and techniques.

3. This one's the hardest to admit: I wanted Alice to not be able to find this much pleasure in other places so that perhaps she would always remember me as special. What a selfish person I was to think this one. I can remember telling Alice that I wanted to know her body so well, so much better than anyone ever could that she would never be able to find as much pleasure as I could provide.

If this makes you nauseated and makes you want to ignore this teaching, then I understand. I am not the perfect man.

But, finally what changed my mind is this: The past few times I have brought a woman to TSOWE (totally surrendered orgasm with ejaculation), women have actually cried and told me that it changed their life. So, I decided that knowledge this powerful technique must be shared.

I am thinking of this technique like any other powerful tool--for example a knife. It can be used for useful purposes or it can be used for very destructive purposes. I'm glad that who ever thought up the idea of a knife did not keep it from the world simply because it has the potential for great harm.

Here's the 9 levels of orgasm as described by the Chinese Tao:

1. The woman breathes heavily.

2. The woman becomes oral and extends to the man her tongue.

3. She becomes more active and grasps the man tightly.

4. She experiences vaginal spasms and secretions flow more feely. The woman identifies this level as "having an orgasm." This is where most women stop and most men consider they have serviiced their woman well. But after retreating briefly, then resuming proper stimulation according the path of the woman's own body the woman will go to the next level.

5. Her joints loosen. She may want to bite the man. Sexual hunger grows intense again.

6. The woman moves more and wraps herself around the man trying to draw him closer.

7. She becomes frantic and may cry (not from pain), and will sometimes feel lips and hands go numb. She loses track of time and space and sometimes experiences fear unsure if she can proceed.

8. Her muscles completely relax and breathing may momentarily pause or slow. This pause will be followed by moans or screams. She may fear falling over into the ninth level (which to her feels like she may be about to pass our or die).

9. She experiences a little death and totally collapses. She may ejaculate at the ninth level. She may wonder if she can stand. Here she is completely surrendered to the man and open to him.

Most women never really see the ninth level.

In my 15-Day Course for men, Anytime...for as Long As You Want, I describe how to make sexual intercourse last a very long time but I do not go into the specifics of how to make it to the 9th level. I do describe one of the basic skills that helps a man bring a woman to the 9th level (being able to maintain and erection for as long as you want). Now, for the first time, I'm revealing the specific techniques (step-by-step) for bringing a woman to TSOWE

I use techniqus that I learned from literally talking to several thousand patients, reading books of endocrinology, massage, the chinese tao of sexology, the sutras, and of course from the adventures of having intimate personal relations with

This will be deliverd in a teleseminar that will be recorded for those who cannot attend the event with will be Jan 12th at 8 P.M. central time. You will also recieve a two one-hour recordings that describe in detail the series of techniques used to bring a woman to the 9th level (TSOWE) along with a book of step-by-step instructions.

This is a series of very sepcific techniques arranged in a particular order that I have personally developed over the past 30 years with many lovers. Using these techniques I have had many women tell me that was the best sex of their life. I'm not sure how long I want to keep this one on the market because it is so powerful I'm still not convinced it should be widely distributed. But I'm going to offer it for a limitied time only to the people who are on my mailing list or who visit my site (I do NOT plan to ever offer this one in stores or on Amazon).

I'm only making this available to 30 people as a private seminar. The seminar will include the following:

1. A live model on which the exact method of stimulating the female prostate will be demonstrated.

2. The method for making a woman want to reveal to you more about her body than she even knows herself.

3. How to know if a woman is ready for total surrender.

4. How to bring a woman to the place that she is ready for total surrender.

5. The methods of my course, Anytime, allowing transmutation of sex energy will be presented.

6. The cures for premature ejaculation will also be reviewed and private 30 minute consults will be offered for every attendee (after the conference by phone).

Sigmund Freud spoke of the female orgasm from the clitoris being that of an immature woman and the orgasm from the vagina being that of a mature woman. Here's some research backing up that idea. I think there is a way to create the psychological conditions for the total surrender orgasm within the bedroom, even if the woman is not emotional ready for this response in other areas of her life.

Still doubt the existence of female ejaculation? Here's an article proving female ejaculation comes from tissue that is like the male prostate (and that the fluid is much like the fluid of the prostate).

By clicking on the following link, you are agreeing that you will do your best to never use these techniques to find complete surrender from a woman without being very careful about how you take care of her emotinally afterwards.

The seminar will take place in person from 10 am until 5 pm April 7 & 8, 2010.

The course will be $4,997 but will be $3,997 for those who are early to sign up. Because of the live model and the private consults, I'm limiting the class to 30 people.


I initially offered this information as written material and teleseminars. Two problems, I can cover more information if I have a full two days. Second, my legal counsel has advised me that this material (because it is so very powerful on an emotional basis) should not be offered indescriminately. So, he advised me to take down the course and only offer this in person and only to people who have been screened.

When you sign up, I will personally call you and just have a few simple questions (basically to make sure that I'm comforatable in teaching you these methods). If I'm not comforatable, then you'll get a prompt refund (not likely but I have delt with many thousands of people over the past 20 years plus as a physician and if I get some bad vibes I'll just give you a courteous refund).

The seminar will take place here: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ptlal-grand-hotel-marriott-resort-golf-club-and-spa/

I hope to hear from you. We will also cover some techniques not covered in my book concerning increasing sex energy in both you and your lover.




Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

The Sex Energy Doctor ™

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