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Tools for Temple Repair


Up-Coming Temple Repair Seminars


Downloadable Instructional Guides for Temple Repair (available for Immediate Download)

Grantee: Complete refund is allowed for these guides for up to 60 days from the time of purchase. For recurring products (subscriptions), all payments will be refunded if within the 60 day period.

  1. Anytime...for As Long As You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation (A 15-Day Course for Men to Improve Sex & Life) Add to Cart $ 21.17
  2. The Magic Nine Cures Premature Ejaculation Add to Cart $14.97
  3. Erection Enhancement: Dr. Runels' Recipe for Penis Growth Add to Cart $97
  4. Aging Backwards by Jackie Silver Add to Cart $14
  5. 3-Day Fat Burn™ by Dr. Runels Add to Cart $10
  6. How I Lost 77 Pounds Eating All I Wanted of Everything in this Book by Notoma Dawson Add to Cart $9.98
  7. Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation
  8. Cure Diabetes Type 2 With Insulin Receptor Maximization
  9. Law of Health™: 10 Essential Steps to Glorious Health & Miraculous Healing


Printed Courses and DVD's and CD's (ship the next business day)

  1. High Intensity Orgasm for Women
  2. Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation (as DVD's mailed to you; downloadable version listed in section above).



Other Tools for Temple Repair

1. Firminite® (a natural herbal erection and libido booster)

2. Xentropin™ (a natural booster of Growth Hormone Levels) xentropin

3. Cookies that give you energy, provide probiotics, and help you lose weight. Use as directed! The fiber in these cookies expands so dramatically there are case reports of children actually choking because they ate too much of this fiber, too fast. But, used correctly, these can make a satisfying snack that fills you up (ideal for a meal replacement).

4. Firm™ A source of forskolin for better erections and increased sensitivity in women.


Temple Repair Services

1. Facial Rejuvenation

2. Body Sculpting

3. Vampire Facelift

4. Botox®



The Books I Require My Sons to Read

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