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The Vampire Facial™

The Vampire Facial™ cosmetic procedure is a specific way of using blood-derived growth factors applied to the surface of the skin to rejuvenate the face. The mark can only be used by practitioners licensed to use the name. The licensed practitioners know and have agreed to certain standards that make a beautiful outcome more likely. All unauthorized use of the mark will constitute and effort to dupe patients into an inferior procedure and will be prosecuted.

The Vampire Facial™ procedure gives a physician a way of improving color and texture. The Vampire Facelift® involves using a needle to inject the PRP beneath the dermis in a particular way--combining it with other materials (like Juvederm).


The Vampire Facial™ obtains the PRP in the same manner, except micro needles are used to make small punctures in the skin to cause a way for the PRP to be absorbed. Then the PRP is simply dripped onto the skin for absorption. This gives the skin a beautiful color texture change but does little for shape.

So, it's the prefect procedure for someone who already enjoys a beautiful shape but who needs an improvement in color and texture.

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