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365 Health Strategies:  Week 1

Recommend digesting only one day's lesson per day.  Just because everything in the vegetable section of the grocery store can be nourishing, doesn't mean I want to eat everything there in one day.  Take one Strategy per day, apply it as best as you can (accepting that no one can live the perfect day);  let tomorrow's meal come tomorrow.

Bible Book:  Genesis

Virtue:  Temperance:  Eat not to dullness.  Drink not to elevation

Health Principle:  Day-Tight Compartments

Memory Verse of the Week:  Genesis 1:5  God Called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night.  So the evening and the morning were the first day.

Date            Chapters                                Health Strategy

Jan 1            Genesis: 1-7                      Day-Tight Compartments

Jan 2                8-14                                      Use Good to Eject Bad

Jan 3               15-21                                    Baby Steps

Jan 4               22-28                                    Records

Jan 5               29-35                                    Follow 80/20 Rule

Jan 6               86-41                                    Fight

Jan 7              42-50                                    Body = Tool