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Mouth Story

There's a story behind every face...

Just start talking to anyone over about 6 years old and they can tell you many stories about their face. It's what you greet the world with. It's what get's loved and it's where people aim when they want to hurt you.

In my work as a cosmetic physician, I start with the mouth and the eyes. That's where people look the most to see who you are. Many people gifted me with the story of their face and of their mouth. And, I contributed to that story in an effort to make the story have a more happy ending.

Here are a few of those stories. I'll add to the list as time allows. Hope you find them helpful.

General Ideas about Shaping the Mouth and What Makes a Beautiful Mouth

Mouth Story 1: Child bites electrical cord

Mouth Story 2: Woman over treated, made into duck (includes "abused" Victoria Secret model)


Studio Mouth using one syringe of Juvederm $550 (savings of $50)

If more syringes are needed (one is usually enough), then the pre-payment price will be honored. If payment made at time of treatment, price is $600 (cash or check).

To schedule appointment, call 251-648-7704 or send email with desired date (afternoons are best) to DrRunels@Runels.com

For travel arrangements or to find my office (even if you live locally) click here. I live in a resort area, so many combine the doctor visit with a weekend get-away.

For free evaluation of your face and mouth, send photos to DrRunels@Runels.com. If you can, send older photos as well so I can see how your mouth looked when you were younger. Please allow me a week or so to look at the photos and get back with you (I'm sorry but the patients of the day take first priority and it's sometimes the weekend before I have the opportunity to look at the photos). But, please do not take the delay as disinterested. I'm honored and eager to give you my opinion with no obligation.

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