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Here is the agreement that I will make with you (this agreement is only valid if we have spoken first and I have agreed that I can help you):

a. You agree to do the following:
i. Give me time daily to do something about your health. I will
show you how to give up time for health and find MORE time
because you invested in your health. But, I can’t help you if you
will not give up at least some time.
ii. Call into a weekly seminar (yes, this can count for your time for
that day).
iii. Not discuss in detail the therapies we are doing except with
your physician and with your spouse.

b. I will agree to do the following:
i. Help you change your health permanently and dramatically for
the better
including all of the following:
1. Increased energy.
2. Increased sexual pleasure.
3. Increased creativity.
4. Improved thinking and memory.
5. Improved strength.
6. Decreased symptoms of your most serious disease.

ii. This will be accomplished by my providing the following:
1. 10 weekly teleconferences.
2. Personal time (personal phone calls as needed for 10 weeks for up to 5 hours) to intensely think about your specific body and your
problems and goals ($5,000 plus value).
3. Anytime course ($25 value).
4. Practical Application of IST ($19.95)
6. Premature Ejaculation CD (The Magic Nine) ($19.95)
7. Lab Testing/Screening for Major Hormones ($1,500
value—I have volume discount with the lab).
8. I will not become your prescribing physician but will
advise you on finding a physician in your area and/or write
or call your local physician if needed to advise of our
findings and my recommendations.

Total Value of all the courses, conferences, and lab testing: $7,564.90

a. Your Cost for one person including lab:


b. Cost for husband/wife including lab:


I will sign any papers that you complete that may allow for re-imbursement of fees by insurance (otherwise, I only use non-insurance modes of payment).

e. For a 30 minute telephone consultation: I will review any records or detailed medical history you might send to me before we make the call. I will email an 18 page questionnaire before the call and review your answers and think about you before the call. You get a full 30 minutes on the phone. The time I spend getting ready, I do not charge you for.


I understand that by joining the Journey to Health Group I agree to give daily time to improving my BodyTemple. I also understand that the amount I am putting into this group is nonnegotiable, noncancelable, nonrefundable, nontransferable, singleperson
only agreement (except in the case of husbandwife
teams signed up for the husband-wife fee).

I understand that insurance may not reimburse for any
of the cost (including lab testing) and that Dr. Runels will not be able to help me recover the fees.

Also, I understand that Dr.Runels will not become my personal physician (will not write prescriptions for those he has not examined) but will help me communicate with my physician or find an appropriate physician in my area.

2. New Consult with Type 2 Diabetes

$5,000 for 10 weeks