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The Fastest Way to 6-Pack Abs and Permanent Weight Loss

I've devised a new way to personally help people with either of the following two problems:

  1. Many people learn the proper techniques for weight loss and make it to a reasonable weight, but still can't manage to lose the last few pounds in order to display the abdominal musculature (the coveted, drooled over, sign of cardiovascular health and virility...the "6-pack").  Imagine only 5 pounds of butter distributed around the midsection and you get an idea why it takes such a low percent body weight to display a cut abdominal musculature.  To display the "6-pack" requires knowing how to spread calories throughout the day, using the proper foods in amounts that burn fat and avoid fat storage at any point throughout the day (for more explanation click here).
  2. Other people, who see me because they suffer with obesity, experience difficulty losing weight not because of lack of will power but because they don't know how to spread calories evenly throughout the day and how to cut calories without going hungry (in case you haven't noticed, if you can't do a program for the rest of your life, then eventually you'll come off the program and regain the weight...most people don't want to go hungry for the rest of their life).  This is a skill/knowledge issue not a will power issue.  For example, how do you eat 5 to 6 times a day, eat more food, and spend less time eating but still eat fewer calories than the person who only eats supper and skips breakfast and lunch?  There is a way.  Without exception, every person who ever came to me for weight loss revealed that they eat most of their calories in the evening; almost everyone of them seemed to think this should somehow protect them from weight gain and seemed unconvinced when I informed them that failing to eat throughout the day was partly responsible for their obesity (for an explanation click here).

Here's how I'd like to help you with either of these two problems:

The Personalized "6-Pack Diet"

Here's what you get...

  1. An actual grocery list for the week and daily printed menu that's tailor made for you.  I'll factor in all of the following in designing the daily menus: 1) Your age, 2) Your sex, 3) Your goals (gain muscle and lose fat, lose weight and lose fat, or maintain weight and lose fat), 4) What days you exercise and for how long, 5) What activities you do when you exercise (will advise in this area), 6) The level of activity in your job, 7) How much alcohol you drink and when, 8) Your present %body fat (will calculate from measurements you provide with scale and tape measure), and 9) Present weight and Goal weight.

  2. Foods will be chosen in a way similar to The ABS Diet (healthy diet with real food that should lower cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease and stroke).

  3. Will provide 4 weeks of menus with each week different.  Each week will come with menu for each day and with a grocery list (you take the list to the store and you're ready to prepare any menu for the week...unless your kids raid the frig).

  4. Audio CD explaining the program and more tips about how to maintain normal weight and even get the "6-pack."

How does it work?

For trying the personalized 6-pack plan, I'll give you the following for FREE:

Total Value of FREE extras...$291.85

Cost of the Personalized Weight-Loss and 6-Pack Eating Plan...and  all the FREE extras is only $134.95.   


You will receive the questionnaire within 24 hours of enrolling.  If you have any questions or do not receive the questionnaire within 24 hours and the Diet Plan and all the FREE extras within 7 days please let me know. 

GUARANTEE:  Most people see dramatic changes in the abdomen and improvements in energy within 2 weeks of placing this order (one week to really get started and a week to be on the plan).  But, I'll let you try the plan for up to 6 weeks and still return all of your money if you're not completely satisfied.  You keep all the FREE gifts just for trying the plan.

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