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Law 5: Sex

Lesson 2: Sex Transmutation

I hid around the corner of the house and stood very still. I could see the stars overhead and feel the steamy wind of a summer night in Alabama.

I could hear the crickets and the bullfrogs that surrounded me. I could hear my breath (after running to hide). And I could hear the steps of the child who looked for me.

Suddenly, I felt a pain that seemed a combination of nails and fire that hit all over my legs and stomach at the same time.

9-years-old, at a birthday party, I was playing a nighttime game of hide-and-seek. Standing in the grass at night, I hadn’t realized that I was standing in an ant bed. What happens when ants bite you is that they all crawl over you (if you’re standing still without realizing it), then when one ant gets angry and bites, that bite sends out a chemical signal (pheromone) telling all the other ants bite—all at the same time.

My next memory of that night is being striped naked and stuck into the bathtub to wash the ants away and then having vinegar or Clorox or some other crazy Southern remedy poured all over me.

Masturbation: Pouring Gasoline on the Ground

I tell you this so you’ll understand why boys in the Southern United States have a fascination and sometimes a dislike of ants and so you'll understand what we did with gasoline.

Sometimes, to make the lawn safer, we would pour gasoline onto the mounds of dirt ant beds in the front lawn, close the can and put it far away, then come back to the ant bed and light it with a match. There would be a sudden “Whoooff” sound. A flash of fire would go up that lasted only a second, then the fire would go out and there would be a charred mound of dirt with no living ants (at least at the surface).

It was a dangerous practice (if you're a child reading this, realize I've since seen people in the ER who nearly died from this practice when the can exploded) but it teaches a valuable lesson about sex.

Sex Transmutation: Fueling an Engine

To better understand sex transmutation, consider the other thing I would do with gasoline. I would take the same amount of gas, and put it in a lawn mower and crank the engine. It takes much less than a gallon of gas to fill the tank of a small push mower—about the same amount that we would put on the ant beds.

But, then I would pull the cord, crank then engine, and cut grass for 30 minutes or so (trying to run through the ant beds so they didn’t have time to crawl up my legs).

Every split second, very small amounts of gas went from the tank into the engine where an explosion took place that generated a force that turned the blades on the lawn mower.

So, the same amount of gas in one case (ant bed burning) caused an instant flash that lasted only a few seconds and in the other case (making money for plastic airplane models) turned a lawnmower blade for long enough to manicure a lawn.

Consider the difference in what happened between the ant bed and the lawn mower carefully because there is where you will understand one of the most important principles of sex.

Sex transmutation is one of the most powerful health practices because it’s the process of creating sex energy (more fuel) and then harnessing that energy for physical, spiritual, or mental health (in the same way the engine harnesses the power of gasoline to do work).

Sex energy, the desire to have sex is one of the most powerful psychological and spiritual and physical forces known. For the desire to have sex, people have developed their bodies, they have made and lost fortunes, they have written poetry and they have murdered their best friend. Sex energy has been used by the prophets to find enlightenment and by geniuses to find revelation.

Sex energy unbridled will kill you; sex energy wasted will defeat you.

Sex energy harnessed and directed will heal you and inspire you.

Sex transmutation is the process of developing and harnessing sex energy.

Everything you do to follow the Law of Health will increase the sex energy (increasing the amount of fuel) but no matter how large the amount of fuel, unless you put it into a properly working engine (sex transmutation), you simply get a larger explosion (which can destroy you) instead of a rocket to the stars.

The First Step to Learning Sex Transmutation (You learned this one in kindergarten but may have forgotten)

To understand how best to use sex transmutation, the first step is to know that men and women differ.

That seems obvious to some and not so obvious to others. So, I’ll say it another way. Men differ from women. Women differ from men. They are not the same in very important ways.

Even if you deny the obvious physical characteristics, just consider one hormone (there are over 280 hormones we know about so far that are made by the pituitary gland alone). But, just consider one of those hormones. The upper limit of normal for a woman’s testosterone level is somewhere around 80 (may vary some from laboratory to laboratory). Most men will feel impotent and have loss of libido and loss of erections with testosterone levels less than 230.

Men differ from women. Their skin is different, their brain is different, their genitals are different, and their psychology is different. Men talk differently, they walk differently, they think differently, they react differently during and after orgasm, they transmute sexual energy differently.

The Law of Health describes how sex energy can be generated and how it can be transmuted by men and how it can be transmuted by women. Breaking this law leads to fatigue, disease, sexual dysfunction, and even death.

Following the law leads to health, peace, and amazing sex.

The next lesson will describe how men can transmute sex energy (you can also find detailed insturctions about sex transmutation here).


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