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Dr. Charles Runels, MD

BOTOX Cosmetic for Men

George Clooney, when interviewed for his article for People Magazine, after being named the sexiest man alive, said. "I've been using a lot of BOTOX."  All of the men patients who see me are well paid sales people, attorneys, physicians, or entrepreneurs for whom making a living means making a good impression.

The best strategy for men:  focus on the glabellar lines (the frown lines between the eye brows).  Many people, myself included, have the natural reflex to knit the eye brows together when concentrating intensely.  This natural reflex can cause an angry look.  Then when feeling happy or friendly, the face can appear angry or unfriendly.  "Angry" and "Unfriendly" are not facial expressions that are usually the best for influencing people in a positive direction.


A good physician will not completely freeze your face but rather will allow expression with more relaxation of the muscles that contribute to the wrinkles.

Some men tell me that their children or wife may perceive anger when actually the man feels friendly and loving.  Treating the Glabellar Lines (frown lines) can make a huge difference in the way the man appears and help him with relationships and business.

The usual Glabellar Treatment (frown lines) for a man uses about 40 to 70 units.  For the best treatment (effective at the best price), I will look at a man's face and evaluate the musculature to determine the best areas to place the BOTOX and the amount that might be needed.  Just like men have biceps of varying size, different men have different size muscles in the face.  Also, since there are several muscles in the face that control the frown, each muscle should be individually evaluated and treated appropriately.  If you use too little, then there is incomplete treatment with little effect or early wearing off of the treatment.  if you treat too much in this area, it drives up the cost.

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