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Sept:  How to Treat the Metabolic Syndrome:  abdominal obesity, elevated fasting blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, low HDL, elevated blood pressure 


JulyWeight loss by watching TV for one hour per day?


July:  Should women take hormone replacement?

June:  About the recent findings of mercury toxicity in the Mobile Bay area.

May: Should you take aspirin or not? (summary of New England Journal article).


JanuaryAnti-Aging strategies that work and how they've been resisted by the established way.

March:  The old has become new...

April:  Anti-Aging Therapies: Hyperbaric Medicine?

JuneDiabetes without Drugs

September:  How long will you live?  A new gauge.

DecemberWound Care ideas and references concerning growth hormone in healing


December Do you know what's better than a new-year's resolution?  Loose weight and cure asthma?  Improve sex with hysterectomy?  The best about attention deficit disorder.

October :  Learn the only 2 numbers you need to know to be healthy.  Discover the Book that William Olser said would give you fellowship with the great minds of the race.

August:  Cut your risk of heart attack by 30% for free and without drugs (from New England Journal of Medicine).   Loose weight AND quit smoking at the same time.

July:  Let Leonardo da Vinci help you become healthy. Change your life by changing just 2 meals  per week.                                     

May:  Survive  PMS happily with this vitamin.  Weights decrease cholesterol in females.

April:  Know your real age.  Prevent suicide.

March:  Help with "runner's knee."

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