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Dr. Charles Runels, MD

Botox Treatment Delivered to Your Home or Office

Today, I'm sitting in my office expecting to see in a few minutes a woman who runs a very successful business in town.  She's taking time away from her business that will probably cost her more than the BOTOX costs.  That's exactly why I decided to offer to bring BOTOX to the person instead of asking them to come to me. 

Now, every Friday, I take my BOTOX clinic on the road.  I'll either park my very nice Winnebago in front of your home or office (so that you can leave the office for treatment) or will bring the BOTOX into your home or office for treatment (and not bring the Winnebago).

If 4 or people receive treatment from me at the same location, then I will treat the 5th person for free.

BOTOX treatments can be done in 5 to 10 minutes if you've had BOTOX treatments before.  If you're a first time user, it may take 15 to 20 minutes to answer all your questions and still give the treatment.

Possible ways to use this service:

The cost is $12 per unit.  The number of units required varies depending upon the area treated and upon the strength of the muscle of the person.

All of my treatments have a money-back guarantee.  If the person is unsatisfied for any reason, I give the whole fee back.  Two weeks after treatment, I offer a free reevaluation of the area treated and more BOTOX will be added for free to that area if the desired results requires a touch-up.

For a general idea about price, it usually costs $60 to treat the vertical lines of the mouth and make the lips more luscious.  Treating the frown lines costs around $350 up (with higher costs for people with more muscle mass and in those who are first time users).

I can also set up the Winnebago in front of your home or office for an Evening BOTOX party--where you and your friends can have the party inside and come out for treatment one or two at a time.  I will bring my nurse with me to help manage flow and to help you with the event.

$200 paid by credit card reserves the event (refundable up to 7 days before the event).  This money will be applied to the cost of any treatment during the event.

To learn more, call this 24-Hour FREE recorded information:  888-605-9498 extension 8610

To speak directly to my receptionist to book your event, call 251-342-6466.  Will travel to any where within the Mobile/Baldwin County Area.

To contact me by e-mail with your question, click here.

Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

The doctor of the future will offer more advice than medication."  ---Thomas Edison

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