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Read the good news about Estrogen replacement in women (which seems to become more complicated the more we learn). 

Free information about current research and a few of my thoughts on the safest way to normalize hormone function and fine tune the female body.

FREE guide from current research:  How to know When Hysterectomy can improve sex.

If you wish to talk with me personally about your health.

For an overall explanation of how I approach a woman's health, listen to this Audio CD:  Fine Tune Your Female Body:

Track 1: Categories of Health and why women who don't feel well are often overlooked.

Track 2:  Principles of Fine Tuning the Female Body

Track 3:  Exercise without anchors

Track 4:  Tailor Made Hormones (overview of thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone replacement).

Cost:  $3.75  

 Audio CD, "Fine Tune Your Female Body"  $3.75   

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