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Charles Runels, MD


Even with the strictest of diets and exercise, sometimes it seems impossible to look like this...







 So what is mesotherapy and how does it help with the problem?




Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve is  the practice of using the almost painless injection of materials
just beneath the surface of the skin to accomplish what cannot be done by taking medication by
mouth (the injection causes a powerful local effect). 

The idea was first tired by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952.  In France (where Dr. Pistor
lived), mesotherapy is part of the standard medical school curriculum.  Mesotherapy has been
used extensively in Europe, South America, and Canada and is becoming much more popular in the U.S.

Lipodissolve is also mesotherapy.  The people who coined the word, "lipodissolve," simply
made up a name for their recipe for what's injected under the skin.  The materials used by
those who started the lipodissolve clinics are the same as used by most other mesotherapy-practicing
physicians.  It's exactly the same as if we both brought chocolate cake to the party.  We both
would have done pretty much the same thing to get a similar result.  But you could call yours
"Grandmother's Super Chocolate Cake," if you wanted to make sure people ate all of the cake you  brought to the party.

For years, people have bought the materials for mesotherapy off the internet and have done their own treatments at home. 
Many people actually saw wonderful results doing this...but don't even think about trying it.  Mesotherapy is recognized by the
board of medicine as a procedure that should only be done by a licensed physician.  Nurse practitioners are allowed to perform
laser therapy in the state of Alabama but not to use BOTOX or Restylane or to perform mesotherapy.

Here's a position paper published by the Alabama State Board of Medicine concerning the use of Mesotherapy.

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Here's research that showed with biopsies that the fat went away (and what caused it to go away) after mesotherapy.

The problem is that if you're not skilled at injecting the skin and if you get the depth wrong you can have horrible side effects:  too shallow and you can see some problems with the skin; too deep and you can hurt the muscle.  But, like driving a car, if you know what you're doing it can be very very safe (though not completely without risk).  If you don't know what you're doing, you're headed for disaster.  Buying the supplies for mesotherapy off the internet is illegal in the US for a good reason.

On the other hand, an average of 100 people per year die from liposuction and no one died last year from mesotherapy.

To learn more about mesotherapy, watch this power point presentation showing before and after pictures and to read more about what is injected and why (left click here--then left click on "open," Give the computer about 5 minutes to load the show).  This show should answer all your major questions and give you examples of what can be done (left click your mouse to advance the slides).

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Or write to me with questions:  DrRunels@Runels.com

Here's a "before" picture of one of a lady who walks daily and was close to her goal weight but who was having trouble losing the fat on the lower abdomen (if you click on the photos, they will enlarge for a better view):    Here's the same woman after 3 treatments:

Mesotherapy is not a legitimate form of weight lossMesotherapy is a wonderful way to sculpt the body and lose inches.  The woman in the pictures above lost 2 inches from her waist but she lost most of her weight (22 pounds) before we did the meso-therapy.  I prefer to use mesotherapy on those who are within about 20 to 30 pounds of their best weight.

To see more examples, view the power point presentation highlighted in green (see above). 

Price:  $797 for one area (4 treatments)   $1,500 for two areas  (treating more than two areas at a time causes increased risk of side effects).

For people who are already patients of mine for hormone replacement (or if you also consult me regarding hormone replacement), I will do mesotherapy for $500 for one area, or $985 for two areas.  This includes 4 treatments, each separated by two weeks. 

Results are guaranteed or money is refunded for any service provided in my office.

Areas include the following (each is one area):

1.  Back (bra bulge)

2.  Abdomen

3.  Love Handles

4.  Double Chin

5.  Front of thigh

6.  Inner thigh

7.  Back of thigh


Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

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