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To start losing weight and to keep it off, consider all of the following:

  1. First, click here to read a free copy of Permanent Weight Loss:  The Main PointsPlease copy this document and keep it out where it serves as a reminder of the main points (it's about 10 pages long) and read it over and over. 
  2. Download this book (written by one of my patients).
  3. Listen to this CD "the #1 Weight Loss Secret."
  4. Order these fiber cookies to suppress apetite.
  5. If you're considering gastroplasty (stomach surgery) then click here.
  6. Consider combining the advice in these books.
  7. Here's some important medical research to consider if you're looking for the best way to lose weight.
  8. Read this page about optimal thyroid function
  9. Read and copy for free,   What's better than a New Year's Resolution?
  10. Click here to learn more about how to find time for exercise.
  11. Download this file for keeping records (using suggestions in Permanent Weight Loss:  The Main Points).
  12. Read this page if you are female and over 25 years old to learn how hormones can affect your weight.
  13. Buy this book, if you are male.